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Bitcoin, developed in 2008 by a mysterious figure calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto, has redefined money. Until now, completely trust-free transactions have not been possible. Freedom from trust has always been a desirable quality, because under normal circumstances either participant can cheat. Society has always felt the need to have a centre point, as without this it was impossible to refer to anything. Kings, presidents and armies controlled information and currencies which could be easily stolen, confiscated, manipulated, or enforced. That has all changed- Currency can be stored in memory. Literally, money can now exist inside your brain, as long as you’ve memorised your secret codes.

Some of the world’s best known entrepreneurs and thought leaders have embraced cryptocurrencies. Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak (Apple CoFounder), Peter Thiel (Paypal CoFounder & Facebook early investor) to name but a few, have all invested and lent their support. While there are certainly a few who dismiss the technology, we must keep in mind where they are coming from- Many have an interest in keeping the status quo. Others are well-meaning but often don’t understand the nature and significance of the technology.

While no-one should invest money they can’t afford to lose, there’s massive potential gain in blockchain technology that’s worth looking into.

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