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Interview with Blockchain & Security Specialist Tomasz Mloduchowski

The Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies conference organised by Opera Incubator took place in University College Cork Jan 31st 2018. My colleague and I were delayed, so we only caught a little of Jake Walsh’s engaging talk about blockchain technology. After the event I got a chance to speak with Tomasz Mloduchowski, a passionate Polish physicist working as an independent blockchain and security consultant. This was my first interview using my portable TV studio (A Samsung A5 Galaxy on a Kaiser Bass selfie stick.) Great video quality but it was dark and the audio was unusable due to background noise.) Therefore I decided to write this post instead…

Tomasz Mloduchowski & Paul Lee in a dark pub.
Me interviewing Tomasz in a dark noisy pub in Cork.

First thing we talked about was CryptoHarvest.Org- Tomasz wanted to know what I was doing. I wasn’t expecting to be interviewed by the interviewee! I explained that I’m a tech enthusiast, an architect gone down the tech route, and I want to talk about Cryptos and the implications they’re going to have for us. Then I asked Tomasz about his background.  He mentions a really cool job he had simulating and studying explosions at one point. He mentions Building Information Modelling (or BIM for short)- this is data related to the building construction process- The intersection between this area and cryptocurrencies is something I definitely want to look further into, as BIM been a subject of importance for myself for many years.

Tomasz got into cryptography in school and  cryptocurrencies 7 or 8 years ago. He went to live in the States for a few years but as he says himself he’s mostly “living in an airport” these days with all the travelling that he’s doing.

I asked him what is the winning strategy for investments for ordinary people. Like any sensible person, he doesn’t give “advice”. “Exiting at the wrong moment is giving the wrong signal to the market.” he says. He thinks that Segwit will really boost bitcoin adoption despite it’s detractors. 2016 and 2017 were the years of forking. The 2016 DAO collapse accelerated the adoption of many alt coins. The birth of Ethereum Classic was the first of the hard forks that popularised the idea. Tomasz mentioned that there’s a lot of “pump and dump” going on- creating false value out of hype with nothing backing these dodgy currencies. He talked about differing “wavelengths” of the various currencies and their relationships with each other- Like the interaction between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Over time cryptocurrencies comparison to bitcoin will become more relevant than their comparison to the dollar.

The blockchain is naturally of less interest to people as it’s not a tied (directly) to money. Money that was sunk into so many failed “Web 1.0” projects in the 90s was not wasted (as many think it was) because it provided the knowledge base to develop “Web 2.0” and beyond: Google, Amazon and the many successful companies that followed were born from this “recycled data”.

Thanks to Tomasz for being the first interviewee on CryptoHarvest. We’re definitely going to keep an eye on his movements in the future.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Blockchain & Security Specialist Tomasz Mloduchowski

  1. Glad you got to interview Tomasz, a very interesting personality in the blockchain world, I made a video of the Opera Incubator presentation which I am currently editing, hopefully i’ll have that finished today.

    1. Thanks Jerome. I look forward to checking that out and will of course link to it here. Cheers, P.

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