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All Hail The New King of Data


How can the Blockchain help?

The world’s financial system is gravely ill. Blockchain is the cure.¬†It’s a long story but the last and most important chapter began back in 1971 when the US Dollar divorced Gold, put on lipstick and said “Hello Sailor” to markets all around the world. An orgy ensued that has lasted over 40 years and in 2008 the world’s financial system contracted a fatal disease. Governments everywhere started to medicate with bizarre schemes like Negative Interest Rates and Quantitative Easing. People don’t know what those things mean- All they know is that their lives are getting harder by the day, paying more taxes and getting less back. No-one seems to have a clue…

Classical Sculpture: Laocoon and His Sons pray for Blockchain Technology to help deal with financial distress.

In steps Satoshi Nakamoto…

In 2008 Satoshi redefined money when he invented Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency based on Blockchain Technology.¬†Before then, only kings presidents and armies could control currencies. Because they were centralised, they could easily be stolen or manipulated. In contrast, cryptocurrencies allow money to be “distributed” so that they can’t be controlled. We’ve already decentralised music, video, filesharing and even social media so we know it works.

There are many thousands of smart people around the world involved in creating, securing and selling Cryptos. Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak (Apple CoFounder) and Peter Thiel (Paypal CoFounder & Facebook early investor) have all invested in cryptocurrencies. These people aren’t stupid.

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Never invest money you can’t afford to lose entirely.